Monday, November 24, 2014

Herb Lavender

Herb Lavender with Himalayan Sea Salt
Lavender is such a versatile herb.  In addition to it's wonderful relaxing aroma, it's properties include being antiseptic and antimicrobial.  When you breathe in Herb Lavender's aroma, you are actually breathing these properties into your body!  You are cleansing body, mind and soul.  Lavender truly freshens the air you breathe because of these herbal properties.  Combined with Sea Salt and Jojoba oil, it makes a wonderful moisturizing bathing experience.  It is great for closet sachets, drawer sachets, potpourri and to use in dried flower arrangements.  There is nothing more refreshing than a bouquet of fresh lavender buds!  Herb Lavender is a proven sleep aid, as well.

I grow all of my herbs in my Eco-balanced organic botanical gardens.  The reason my herbals are more effective and better than some of the other "herbals" you may find is because mine contain NO ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORINGS, NO ADDITIVES, AND NO CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND.  They are truly healthy for you inside and out.  They cleanse your body, mind and spirit. I grow my herbs with respect, gently and with thankfulness.  They receive lots of daily TLC.  When I harvest my herbs, I do so with respect and gently and thankfulness for the gifts they give to us.

My herbs are also grown in harmony with Lakota Sioux Four Directions.  My Totem is Horse Woman.  Everything I grow is with a Spirit of Thankfulness.