Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Holiday Season!

Happy Holiday Season!

I hope you enjoy the depth and sentiment of the poetry in this card I made for you, my friends.

 Have a wonderful Holiday Season full of The Joy of the Lord and His Peace which passes all understanding.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

With the spirit of giving Thanks, this favorite Table Decoration comes to mind.  Praying that everyone will share The Fruits of the Spirit with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day and throughout the year.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Herb Lavender

Herb Lavender with Himalayan Sea Salt
Lavender is such a versatile herb.  In addition to it's wonderful relaxing aroma, it's properties include being antiseptic and antimicrobial.  When you breathe in Herb Lavender's aroma, you are actually breathing these properties into your body!  You are cleansing body, mind and soul.  Lavender truly freshens the air you breathe because of these herbal properties.  Combined with Sea Salt and Jojoba oil, it makes a wonderful moisturizing bathing experience.  It is great for closet sachets, drawer sachets, potpourri and to use in dried flower arrangements.  There is nothing more refreshing than a bouquet of fresh lavender buds!  Herb Lavender is a proven sleep aid, as well.

I grow all of my herbs in my Eco-balanced organic botanical gardens.  The reason my herbals are more effective and better than some of the other "herbals" you may find is because mine contain NO ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORINGS, NO ADDITIVES, AND NO CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND.  They are truly healthy for you inside and out.  They cleanse your body, mind and spirit. I grow my herbs with respect, gently and with thankfulness.  They receive lots of daily TLC.  When I harvest my herbs, I do so with respect and gently and thankfulness for the gifts they give to us.

My herbs are also grown in harmony with Lakota Sioux Four Directions.  My Totem is Horse Woman.  Everything I grow is with a Spirit of Thankfulness.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

South Wind of Summer

 South Wind of Summer

When the south wind of summer
Sings through the trees
And the high mountain thunder
Hangs low in the breeze

 A strong heart flows over
An empty heart fills
And the south wind of summer
Caresses the hills 

There is no returning, the seasons don't end
They just blow through the branches and bend with the wind

 When the south wind of summer sings in the pines
And the far away cities seem so close behind
 A strong heart flows over
An empty heart fills
And the south wind of 
summer blows where it

 There is no returning, the seasons don't end
They just blow through the branches and
bend with the wind

 Pockets in the Rocky Mountains where the presence of God flows through your soul

Pockets on this earth where the good energy is so strong you feel it through your bones

These are the places where I receive into my being inspiration for all that I do.  These are the places where I can smell, feel, touch the healing herbs.  These are the places I think of as I tend my plants daily. These are the things I give in everything I grow.  It is a pure and perfect gift to you.
Some mornings will find us up above the timberline. Lonesome don't seem like much once you're this high.  When it's all said and done, I usually find that me and the eagle are of the same mind.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

There is Still Time Where the Wind Begins

Longs Peak and Meeker Peak

A broken song beneath the snow
The echo of a soaring joy
A shape in the mist
A touch in the rain,
In wilderness you come again...
You tell us what we used to know...
You speak for all the free wild things
Whose ways were ours
When the Wind had wings...
By Elise Maclay

As in Black Elk's Vision:  The healing horse, of the Old Ones, of the Ones Who Have Gone Before...He spoke to me and we ride the wind to places beyond this earth.

Where water, wind and the very air we breath begin

The eagle looked down on the river below
And he wrapped his wings around him and fell like a stone.
Well the big salmon fought, but the talons held true
And he shuddered as the world turned
From silver to blue
I stood there in awe, though I'd seen it before
I was born in these mountains 
And I'll die here for sure.
Some mornings will find me up above the timberline
Lonesome don't seem like much once your this high
When it's all said and done, I usually find
Me and the eagle are of the same mind.
In my dreams there's a horse,
He stands eighteen hands high
He's as white as the snow and there's fire in his eyes
And he'll bear only me, though others have tried
And together we'll travel across the divide.
Some mornings will find us above the timberline
Lonesome don't seem like much once you're this high
When it's all said and done I usually find
Me and the eagle are of the same mind.
from the Horse Whisperer
Music Pass

There is still time in mountain places where the wind begins, forests of aspen and pine, places untouched...Spiritual places where we can still hear echos of The Old Ones, of The Ones Who Have Gone Before....spiritual places where one surrenders to God's Ways, which are beyond human comprehension. There are pockets of Spirit where we come to know that God's earth has mysterious ways of reclaiming her own...There is still time for The Earth to heal.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Autism Awareness

These are wonderful people who share awareness for the autism spectrum.  They are all over the U.S.  You might want to visit their shop.  They make the most beautiful stone jewelery and money from sales goes to help those who are affected by autism. The shop name is wiresNpliers at

Thursday, July 3, 2014

There is Still Time....

There is Still Time to hear Echos of The Old Ones, to sense the Powerful Presence of a Superior Being and to Feel surrounded by Echos of The Ones Who Have Gone Before. Time to feel the Mountain High Country's eternal awesome presence of a Superior Being or The Great Spirit throughout one's soul.  There is Still Time for the Mountain Places above the timber line where the Eagle flies.  There is Still Time....

There is Still Time for the Mountain Places where the Wind Begins, peaceful pockets untouched.  Places where the Wild Things continue to be balanced and to roam free.  There is still time...

There is Still Time for the tundra to spring forth her pure waters from deep within the Mountains.  Places untouched where the Wild Things remain balanced and free.  There is Still Time for life giving water to begin.

There is Still Time for man to be balanced with Nature, with The Great Spirit, with the Echos of The Old Ones....The Ones Who Have Gone Before....the Buffalo and The Horse People.  There is Still Time for places where the very weather begins.  There is Still Time for Trackless Tundra.

There is Still Time for High Mountain Places where trails peter out and the Wild Things continue their undisturbed ways.  There is Still Time for pure places to give their gifts.  There is Still Time to hear the Echos of the Wisdom of The Horse People and Visions of Black Elk.

There is Still Time for places where the grasses meet forests of Aspen and Pine.  There is Still Time to Listen to The Old Ones, The Ones Who Have Gone Before, The Buffalo and The Horse People.
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There is Still Time for the 5,000 year old Bristle Cone Pine.  Time for Nature to Renew Herself and Her Ways of Reclaiming Her Own.  There is Still Time...
There is Still Time for places where the weather begins, where The Earth has mysterious ways of reclaiming Her Own.  There is Still Time for The Earth to Heal. There is Still Time if Man......

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Herb Lemon Balm: "The Elixir of Life"

Lemon Balm has been used medicinally for centuries.  Legend says that drinking lemon balm tea daily will increase your life span. Drinking tea with lemon balm in it does calm away tension. Today, it is also used in aromatherapy to counter depression.
This is one of my lemon balm plants. I like to harvest the leaves when they are young and tender.  Larger leaves tend to be a bit harsh scented, more tough and not as flavorful as the younger leaves.  I am now in the process of harvesting and drying it for use in my herbal products. Lemon Balm likes full sun with mid day shade.  It needs to be thinned or transplanted to two feet apart. You can pick the leaves anytime but handle them gently so you don't bruise the leaves.  Their flavor is best when the flowers of the plant just begin to open.  There are many uses for this fine herb.  I like it best for aromatherapy and potpourri uses. I dry it in a food dehydrator to ensure it does not become moldy.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Today's herb is Lavender

Tranquility and purity are in the fragrance of lavender.  Sheets which smell of lavender give one a good nights' sleep.  It's fresh, clean scent is used in bath water.  Lavender also repels insects.  It relieves headaches and generally calming.  Lavender wands wound in ribbon are pretty in a vase and freshen the air. It has antiseptic properties and can be used as incense.  My favorite uses for lavender are in potpourri, sachets, bath tea, herb pillows...Lavender oil is distilled from the oil glands embedded in the tiny star shaped hairs which cover flowers, leaves and stems. 
I grow lavender in my Eco-balanced botanical gardens. The organic lavender I use is always from the present year's crop and the fragrance will last you for years.  I love to hang door sachets so you will enjoy lavender's relaxing scent as you enter the room.  My favorite is Lavender Province because it is highly fragrant yet soothing.  To me, it makes the best lavender wands as well.

These are a few of the styles of sachets I make.  They are also made to order.  I have various other herbs I use for herbal products, as well
Satin lavender sachet

Heart with flowers lavender sachet

Blue and gold lavender sachet with butterfly

Americana door sachet....just in time for the 4th of July season!
Shaby Chic
Shabby Chic

Monday, May 26, 2014




 Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree and can grow to 300 feet or more.  When mature, leaves are bluish-green and covered with oil-bearing glands.  The leaves are used in dried potpourris and are an excellent air freshener.  Eucalyptus is stimulating, antiseptic, antiviral and an insect repellent.  It is good for colds, viruses, aches and pains.  Infuse Eucalyptus leaves in boiling water and breathe in the steam to clear congestion, sinus problems.  Wrap a warm eucalyptus soaked towel around your neck to ease sore throat pain and congestion.  Soak feet in eucalyptus water and rub feet with eucalyptus oil to freshen feet or for a good sleep.  Blend it with hyssop, lavender, lemon, lemon grass, melissa, pine and rose.  I grow my own Eucalyptus in my Eco-balanced organic botanical gardens.  I keep my eucalyptus trimmed back a little.  Caution:  do not take eucalyptus internally unless under care of a licensed alternative medical care professional since it can be toxic.  Eucalyptus does not normally grow in Arkansas.  I cover mine in the winter with two or three feet of compost, which generates heat for the plant.  As you can see, it survives, but has not grown to the 300 feet it can in Australia.

Yarrow is fascinating to me. It is a hardy herbaceous perennial and grows up to three feet.   This unassuming plant conceals great powers. One small leaf will speed decomposition of raw compost (I use it that way all the time); yarrow's roots secretions will activate the disease resistance of nearby plants; and it intensifies the medicinal actions of other herbs. Infuse with water, to make a copper fertilizer. It has long been considered sacred because the Druids used yarrow stems to divine seasonal weather in Europe, while in China yarrow stems were used to foretell the future. Consult a licensed alternative medical professional before ingesting yarrow.  It is edible and used as garnishes and in medicinal teas, so it is not toxic, but I do not have a medical degree; therefore I do not feel comfortable in referring ingesting any medicinal remedies to anyone other than myself!

Ahhh....Rosemary: the miraculous herb! The Dew of the Sea!  It has been used by apothecaries from the earliest of times. Rosemary has so many uses besides cooking.  It provides an aromatic addition to wreaths and garlands. It has antiseptic properties and is invigorating, increasing blood circulation as a bath tea. Dried stems can be used in the fire place for a "Christmas time" aroma.  The dried stems are also excellent barbecue skewers.  Rosemary repels insects, freshens the air and has many other uses. There are many types of rosemary: some grow into hedges and others creep along the ground.  Rosemary also has beautiful flowering blooms.

 I will be posting more "common lay terms" herbal knowledge from day to day, so please come back with comments and any fun herbal facts you may have.  Professionals with University Degrees are strongly welcome to comment!